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Scrat, the Ice Age dude

November 2, 2006

Scrat is one of those characters that, no matter how long i’ve known him, there’s always a smile on my face whenever he shows up. For those that aren’t relating the name to the being, Scrat is the dude with the nut, from Ice Age. What i like most about him is his possessive obsession for nuts and the way his expression ranges from the “poor little guy” to the “flabbergasted dude”.

Last night i was watching a new mini-video with Scrat and decided to share some (no big movies, just clips).


I hug you

October 6, 2006

Sometimes people just forget about the most simple yet important things. How about a hug?

Conan O’Brien 2006 Emmys Opening Skit

September 15, 2006

Watch Conan O’Brien as he runs through rather familiar scenes, on his way to the Emmys.