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Quake and APC

December 13, 2006

I just found the perfect soundtrack to listen to while playing Quake III with my housemates: A Perfect Circle. I can actually feel the efficacy (and sometimes anger) rise with it. Audioslave is good too, but not as good, not as “obscure”.


On Repeat

December 7, 2006

Sometimes one comes by an album that just needs to beĀ  played continually. “The Garden”, by Zero 7, is one of those.

I didn’t even like listening to Zero 7. In fact, seeing them live 2 years ago actually made me yawn for almost the entire concert. Though, this album just sounds different. Starting with “crosses”, my personal favorite, “your place”, “throw it all away” and “futures”, the album features the mixture of a very serene mood with varying electronica details, in a well balanced way.

Zero 7