Flickr rant…

… or, how i learned to stop worrying and love Picasaweb.

Flickr is just great, and it’s certainly my fault for not noticing this before, but… a limit of 3 sets? Come on… it just takes away all of its advantages.

There are mostly 2 kinds of uses for this kind of service: submitting random photos and submitting series of photos (like in a trip). For the first, Flickr is ok (even though i personally prefer Deviantart), as one only really needs to tag those photos. But with your holiday photos, you really need the albums/sets.


One Response to “Flickr rant…”

  1. Luke Says:

    the Flickr 3 set limit is extremely annoying. However, it’s how they got me to switch to Pro, so I guess you go with what works!

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