Reading music modifies spatial mapping in panists

While researching methods for detecting music staves with image processing, i interestingly found this paper (which actually has nothing to do with image processing).

Pitch height is represented in sheet music by a different vertical location. In the piano keyboard, it corresponds to a different horizontal location. This change requires an interpretation of the music by the pianist, and moreover, a spatial mapping (which can come with a degree of automaticity with varying experience). The paper concludes that “the acquisition of skill in music reading and playing thus involves the building of spatial representations that, once in place, extend outside a musical context”.

I recon there are multiple other mappings too, which also extend beyond the musical context. As a pianist, i can recall for instance the mapping of a visual image of a score into the idea of its sound, and the mapping of higher pitches into higher intensities, which also involves the mapping of the horizontal location of note to the vertical intensity with which the note should be played.


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