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Repeated dreams

October 27, 2006

Last night i dreamed. For a long time… it was a very long dream. And even though i knew i was dreaming, i wanted to keep dreaming. The interesting thing about this dream? I had dreamed it before, but it was still as real and vivid as in all the other times.

I usually think of dreams as portrayers of meanings. Sometimes easier to understand, sometimes not really understandable at first, but still, they exist for a reason. Perhaps you were watching that movie on the night before, perhaps you met someone you hadn’t seen in years, perhaps you’re nervous about something that’ll come up on the next days… all these things can reflect in your dreams.

But repeated dreams, they’re a different story. What do they mean? Didn’t we understand them on the first lesson? Are they a form of ultimatum for us to really focus on them, when we get sloppy? Did our brain decide to watch that old movie again, because it got so bored? I’d really like to find some answers here.


I hug you

October 6, 2006

Sometimes people just forget about the most simple yet important things. How about a hug?