How to Bag that job!

A quick and good read on how to prepare for an interview.

In today’s competitive world, finding a job that is suitable to your needs is not very easy. Even if such a job should come along, there is no guarantee that you’re the only person applying for the post. To ensure you don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity, you need to present yourself to the prospective employer in a way that would impress them enough to employ you, instead of any of the other applicants.


2 Responses to “How to Bag that job!”

  1. ADEK Says:

    Hmmm… Nice post not only for that ones who are looking for a job but also to…me! Yes, I’m still a student but I will have an interview (soon, I hope:P) to evaluate the kind of person I am (I dare them to find out…) and to figure out if I’m good enough to get the only place available at UL. You posted this with a perfect timing (at least to me)… Of course you didn’t think about that while posting, but let’s face it: I’m now waiting for my interview, so I read the article carefully and it was really helpful. If I had no interview in mind, I would read the title and think “Ok, ok…I’m not trying to find a job, and won’t be for a couple (or 2 couples:S) of years…So, this is worthless!”. BUT that didn’t happen and I found it interesting. So, as Peter Griffin would say: “Go on……..”:P

    Kiss kiss (Bang bang….)

  2. noup Says:

    @ADEK: It’s nice to see some english from you (or maybe not – kidding). I recall you having an interview, i just didn’t imagine the interview to be similar to this kind of interviews. Though you’re right, there are things that apply to both. And some things apply to a more general set of things, like how to behave when you’re talking to an unknown person and want to expect something from that person. Last but not least, Peter Griffin is a cool man and i intend to watch KKBB real soon. 😛

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