The typical first post

This is the typical first post. Therefore, as the first post there should be all the Ws in here: why, what, who, where, when, (to) whom? Here are some.

The blog’s title is based on my (currently) favorite movie: The Man Who Wasn’t There. The posts in this blog will feature a mixture of observations, combined with a bit of randomness and some critics. In other words, i don’t really know what this blog will be about, but that took care of the what. About the who, i’m pretty sure it will be me. The why? I don’t know, perhaps it’s just because i wanted to try this out. The where doesn’t really make any sense. And concerning the last two W’s, i will be writing whenever i feel like it and to whomever feels like it too.

This concludes the first post.


5 Responses to “The typical first post”

  1. ADEK Says:

    Waiting for the 2nd;)

  2. gustavsen Says:

    The typical first post is a symptom that clearly shows you are suffering from the “i’m bored and i want to express myself so i’ll just create a blog” disease.
    I’ll be waiting for the 2nd too. Good luck hun! 🙂

  3. Pedro Sousa Says:

    Até parece giro… só é pena eu não saber estas línguas modernas em que esta juventude escreve. :p

    The easiest part it to create a blog, the hardest is to keep it (as you can see through my own blog). Looking forward to some *real* content. 🙂

  4. noup Says:

    adek: Thanks. Sorry for not knowing when that’ll happen though. 😛

    gustavsen: It could be that, but i have many reasons to show you it’s not the case. Perhaps i should mention them on my second post. 😀

    pedro sousa: Não te preocupes que isto também vai ter conteúdos (dos *reais*) em português. Ficarão na categoria “portuguese”, a qual posso agora vir a mudar para “old fashioned”. Criar um blog é obviamente uma coisa fácil, bastaram uns 5 cliques. Mas se atentares ao primeiro post, certamente notarás que tem mais conteúdo que muitos primeiros posts que por aí andam (ou então não, mas também não interessa). Eu não quero ver isto tanto pela sua dificuldade, mas mais pelo interesse. Acho que é capaz de ser interessante e é isso o que quero ver. 😉

  5. humbug Says:

    Welcome abord! 🙂

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