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How to Bag that job!

August 29, 2006

A quick and good read on how to prepare for an interview.

In today’s competitive world, finding a job that is suitable to your needs is not very easy. Even if such a job should come along, there is no guarantee that you’re the only person applying for the post. To ensure you don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity, you need to present yourself to the prospective employer in a way that would impress them enough to employ you, instead of any of the other applicants.


Good Will Hunting and the Cubans

August 25, 2006

First of all, let me somehow predict the possible weird looks on your faces about this rather weird title. For those who watched the movie, you might be thinking “but there were no cubans there!”. For those who didn’t, “who the hell was Will Hunting and what was he doing in Cuba?” or “Why was somebody hunting good Will in Cuba?” might be running through your heads. So i’ll just start with the first part and move on to the second.

For short, Good Will Hunting is a movie about a very talented guy – Will Hunting – that gets to learn everything by reading books at the local library. He is quite a genius and becomes a master in many subjects without even going to the university. (See the Cuban part already? Me neither.) As a janitor at M.I.T., he has no trouble solving mathematical challenges that took the professors 2 years to solve. On the other hand, he didn’t really want to use his knowledge for anything. He had that gift, but all he wanted to do was to hang out with his friends and work on his simple-with-no-talent-required job. I won’t tell the rest of the movie.

I sudently started to recall some talks i’ve had about/with cubans. There is a common picture painted by people that i know who went to visit Cuba. It’s a beautiful place, but most of the people don’t have much money and want to get out of the country. For instance, there’s this friend of mine who went to Cuba to participate on a chorus event and the 2 cuban chorus couldn’t participate because they had been to the U.S. some weeks before and decided not to return. There is also a cuban girl i met when i was travelling this summer (not in Cuba) that told me how she managed to get to work outside of the country. They can go to other countries if they have a job contract, but a big percentage of their salary (which i’m not telling so you don’t get shocked) must go to the government. And there she was, a person who went to the university, working as a waitress.

One of the biggest accomplishments usually stated by those that stand for the current cuban regime is that they’ve eradicated illeteracy in Cuba. That, i must say, i applaud. The fact that they have easy access to the university, i applaud. But wait… should i? Is easy access all that’s needed for things to work out? That’s where i think it all is going terribly wrong. What’s the good of having everybody take their diplomas, when they’ll turn driving cabs or serving drinks at a restaurant? That’s even worse to them. It’s like widening their horizon just to tighten it right away, in a stupendous sense of frustration. So good Will Hunting managed to find his way up through the living. But what about the cubans, will they?

The typical first post

August 21, 2006

This is the typical first post. Therefore, as the first post there should be all the Ws in here: why, what, who, where, when, (to) whom? Here are some.

The blog’s title is based on my (currently) favorite movie: The Man Who Wasn’t There. The posts in this blog will feature a mixture of observations, combined with a bit of randomness and some critics. In other words, i don’t really know what this blog will be about, but that took care of the what. About the who, i’m pretty sure it will be me. The why? I don’t know, perhaps it’s just because i wanted to try this out. The where doesn’t really make any sense. And concerning the last two W’s, i will be writing whenever i feel like it and to whomever feels like it too.

This concludes the first post.